BA in Archaeology

Hi readers! Have you passed 12th standard? Do you want to make a career in Archaeology? If yes, then this article will be useful for you. Here, we will have an in-depth analysis of BA in Archaeology course.

This course is also available in bundled-up form. For example – BA in Archaeology and Marketing, BA in Archaeology and Brand Management, BA in Archaeology and Marketing Communication. These are bundled-up courses. They usually mix marketing and other relevant domains.

In this post, you will get all the important details about BA in Marketing course. Here, I have included the following details – Duration, Eligibility Criteria, Colleges, Courses, Fee, Admission Process, Career Prospects and much more.

Here is a quick overview of BA in Archaeology course –

Name of the courseBA in Archaeology
Type of courseBachelor of Arts
Duration3 years
EligibilityCompleted 12th standard

It is a Bachelor degree course. The duration of the bachelor’s degree is generally three years. 12th class passed students are eligible to apply for BA in Archaeology Admission.

  • What is a BA in Archaeology Course?
  • What is it like to do this bachelor’s degree?
  • How is the course content?
  • Will I get a good job after completing this BA in Archaeology?

You will find answers to these Bachelor of Arts questions in the next section. Let’s check them out –

BA in Archaeology: Basic Details

Let us now talk about the syllabus format. What is BA course? BA stands for Bachelor of Arts. It is a Bachelor degree course. Let us now check the academic level. BA course is of UG academic level. UG level means undergraduate level.

The BA in Archeology is an honors program. It is a Bachelor of Arts program that focuses on the discipline of archeology and its allied fields (such as history, museology, ancient culture, etc.).

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Archaeology: Scope

In simple words, archeology is the study of human activity through the recovery and analysis of material culture. It is a branch of social sciences and humanities. It is a broad field and includes many allied areas.

  • Archaeometry
  • Historical archeology
  • Experimental archeology
  • Ethnography
  • Cultural archeology

BA in Archaeology Course Description

Course Type

It is a Bachelor’s Degree course.


Period The duration of this course is three years long.

Eligibility criteria

The minimum educational qualification required to pursue this course is – 12th standard completed or equivalent.


Here are some of the popular colleges offering BA in Advertised (or relevant) courses in India –

Admission Process

Here is everything you need to know about BA in Archaeology Admission Process –


The admission process may differ from one institute to another. Some of the institutes are known to conduct merit based admission process. Few other institutes are known to conduct direct admission process. When it comes to merit based admission process, relevant entrance test is conducted to facilitate the admission process.


Anything needed about ads would be –


Type of bank (government or self-admitted), students’ faculty status, college status if technically developed. 30-70K INR per year.


Here are some of the main topics present in BA in Archaeology syllabus –


  • Introduction to Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology
  • Pre and Proto History of India
  • Political and Cultural History of North India
  • History of Sciences in Ancient India
  • Ancient Indian Epigraphy and Numismatics
  • Indian Cultural Contacts with Outside World
  • Religion and Art

PG courses

After completing BA in Archaeology course, graduates can go for relevant MA or PG Diploma (Advertising) programmes. They can also go for management programs like MBA, MMS or PGDM programs.

After Career prospects

Skilled advertising professionals are in huge demand these days. They have corporate jobs as well as self employment opportunities. Bachelor of Arts program that focuses on the discipline of archeology and its allied fields


  • History
  • Culture
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Excavation
  • measure of land


What is the study of archaeology?

Archeology is the study of past cultures. Archaeologists are interested in how people of the past lived, worked, traded with others, moved across the landscape, and what they believed

Is archeology a good career?

Archeology can be a great career, but it doesn’t pay very well, and there are difficulties specific to life. Many aspects of the job are lucrative, however—in part because of the exciting discoveries that can be made.